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Why the hell am I waking up at 6:30 pm?

I admit that I went to bed at around 5:45 am and probably didn’t actually fall asleep till 6:30 am, but that doesn’t mean I have to sleep for 12 hours!!

I suspect that I woke up earlier in the day and just went back to sleep. My dreams are much more interesting than real life, but I had plans to get shit done today. I was going to call a few places about jobs. After that I was going to try to change the oil in my scooter; she needs it badly. I know 6:30 isn’t too late for a lot of things, but I still feel like I’ve wasted my day.

Possible employment ideas:

  • Non-medical companionship for the elderly, Compensation based on certification and experience (aka: low/none)
  • Customer Service (nondescript craigslist ad), Compensation $10.00/hr
  • Receptionist at a pet-grooming salon, Compensation: $7.25/hr
  • Taco Bell
  • McDonalds
  • Etc.

Anything else?… Probably not… I’ll try again tomorrow. Bye!